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Star Clicker

Star Clicker

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Aliens are attacking your planet; they scrambled all the satellites so that you can no longer contact your parents. You have no other choice - you hop into your Spaceship and defend your home.

Each turn, all players press, in the order they want, 2 of the 9 buttons on their cockpit dashboard and instantly apply their effect. These buttons allow you to move around in space, shoot a ship or activate the copy action. Each time you move onto a new Space tile, you flip it. If you find out a jammer, you must use 1 energy to destroy it. All players start with 1 energy and can gain 1 energy from each enemy ship killed. Be careful not to shoot a friend, you would make him lose 1 energy. When all players have pressed their two buttons, they flip them again. Please note: it's great not to forget them for the next turns. Then reveal the end of turn floppy and apply its effect. Alien Spaceships are coming from all sides!

When an Alien Spaceship reaches the center of your planet, it destroys a protective shield. If three of them reach it, you lose. To win you must destroy all the hidden jammers in order to call your parents to the rescue.


1 Rulebook
1 Board
2 Mothership Tiles
4 Dashboards
36 Button Tokens
4 Spaceship Tokens
4 Shield Tokens
33 Creeper/Energy Tokens
40 Sector Tiles
20 Floppy Disk Tiles
4 Neutralized Assault Line Tokens
4 Broken Replicator Tokens
4 Upgraded Monitors Tiles

Ages: 8+
Players: 2-4
Game Length: 40 minutes


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