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Yu-Gi-Oh Legend of the Crystal Beast Structure Deck

Yu-Gi-Oh Legend of the Crystal Beast Structure Deck

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Rediscover the power of family bonds with Legend of the Crystal Beasts!

Jesse Anderson's Crystal Beasts are back in a big way with a new form of Rainbow Dragon ready to unleash a devastating final blow! Unlock the hidden potential of your Crystal Beasts with brand-new Spell and Trap Cards!

Monster Cards

 ‣ Crystal Beast Ruby Carbuncle
 ‣ Crystal Beast Amethyst Cat
 ‣ Crystal Beast Emerald Tortoise
 ‣ Crystal Beast Topaz Tiger
 ‣ Crystal Beast Amber Mammoth
 ‣ Crystal Beast Cobalt Eagle
 ‣ Crystal Beast Sapphire Pegasus
 ‣ Rainbow Dark Dragon
 ‣ Crystal Master
 ‣ Crystal Keeper
 ‣ Hamon, Lord of Striking Thunder
 ‣ Dimension Shifter
 ‣ Contact "C"
 ‣ Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring
 ‣ Ghost Belle & Haunted Mansion
 ‣ Rainbow Dragon
 ‣ Crystal Beast Rainbow Dragon

Spell Cards

 ‣ Awakening of the Crystal Ultimates
 ‣ Crystal Aegis
 ‣ Ancient City - Rainbow Ruins
 ‣ Rainbow Bridge
 ‣ Crystal Beacon
 ‣ Crystal Blessing
 ‣ Crystal Abundance
 ‣ Crystal Promise
 ‣ Crystal Tree
 ‣ Crystal Release
 ‣ Rare Value
 ‣ Rainbow Refraction
 ‣ Advanced Dark
 ‣ The Melody of Awakening Dragon
 ‣ Foolish Burial Goods
 ‣ Cosmic Cyclone
 ‣ Rainbow Bridge of the Heart
 ‣ Crystal Bond

Trap Cards

 ‣ Crystal Boon
 ‣ Crystal Miracle
 ‣ Crystal Brilliance
 ‣ Crystal Pair
 ‣ Crystal Conclave
 ‣ Ultimate Crystal Magic
 ‣ Counter Gem
 ‣ Ferret Flames
 ‣ Metaverse

Extra Deck

 ‣ Ultimate Crystal Rainbow Dragon Overdrive
 ‣ Rainbow Overdragon

Token Cards

 ‣ Jesse Anderson - Bonder with the Crystal Beasts
 ‣ Jesse and Ruby - Unleashing the Legend
 ‣ Crystal Beast Token


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